The Flower Festival in Spello called ‘Infiorate’, like every year, will be held for the festivity of Corpus Domini on May 28-29 -2016. The vent involves the whole city dividived into districts for the occasion, each of which create the beautiful paintings with flower petals, making a spectacular colored coat in the streets of the medieval city that will last only a few hours.

The preparation of the flower festival begins from the afternoon of SAturday before the holiday, the work takes the entire night and result will be ready at 9.00 a.m. , when the Procession will pass. The execution of the work is done directly on the road surface, the subjects and the decorations are always renewed and refer mostly to the great tradition of the umbrian painting. When sunday morning the sacred procession passes led by the Bishop the goal is reached, the precious carpets of flowers are trampled and nothing remains of them.

The events for Infiorare are:
Saturday May 21st and 22nd: started preparing for the event with the Opening of the Museum of Infiorate and Inauguration of Photo Exhibition Historical.
Saturday, May 28th:
– Inauguration of the X Edition of the Exihibition of Floricolture ‘Spello Market in Bloom’
– Opening Taverna with Flower-based Menu
– From 10.00 p.m. starts the RPocessing of the Flower Festival
Sunday, May 29th:
-10.00 a.m. Celebration of the Mass and 11:00 a.m. Solemn Corpus Domini Procession
-12.00 a.m. Opening of Taverna
-06.30 p.m. Contest Award for the FLower Festival 2016