Follow the string Tasselli Cashmere…

Bevagna, history and monuments, its tradition and professions


With the new initiative ‘Follow the string Tasselli Cashmere’ the Bevagna’s factory, has the goals to let you know their handcrafted cashmere knitwaer and it wants to discover the Bevagna old village through an exclusive path.  A ‘local expert’ will guide you through the old streets of Bevagna, to explore the architectural beauty and to capture the real tradition of its ‘botteghe’.

The expert will brings you to taste the origin of this medieval place, where the old tradiotion is still alive with its monuments and its professions. The perfect example of this tradition is the Tasselli Cashmere factory with its own identity between the medieval bottega and a contemporary organization.

This itinerary is ‘taylormade’ on your interests so you choose what’s is most important for you: vist the botteghe or historical monuments, arrange a wine tasting, a pic nic or something else.

So it would be an occasion to know better the umbrian reality though a sensory experience.


Brochure of Tasselli Cashmere


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