On 2-3-4-5 May, the most famous Assisan event returns: Calendimaggio.

The event is a greeting at the beginning of Spring, consists in the challenge between the two parties, which is divided into the city or the Nobilissima Parte de Sopra and the Magnifica Parte de Sotto, through parades in medieval costumes, recited scenes and musical performances, a jury decrees the winning part of Calendimaggio. So in addition to the greeting to the Spring the event also incorporates the so-called ‘Songs of May’ very popular during the Middle Ages, finally the division of the city in two parts recalls the period of great splendor of Assisi but also the first internal divisions. From Wednesday it starts with the Benediction of the Vessilli and Delivery of the Keys, the following days come to life scenes, games and shows. The closure includes the singing challenge and the award of the Palio.