CANTIERE DI GIOTTO, SPOLETO AND THE APPENNINO TREVI, SPOLETO, MONTEFALCO, SCHEGGINO: AN EXHIBITION OF ART DIFFUSED BETWEEN THE PLACES SYMBOL OF UMBRIA, WHERE LOCATIONS ARE THE MOST PREGEABLE, REFINED AND ENCHANTING OF THE FRAMES Sixty works, sixty masterpieces for a widespread exhibition that has an emblematic title: “Masterpieces of the fourteenth century: the construction site of Giotto, Spoleto and the Apennines”, to retrace the culture of time made of art, hope, religion, with a certainly popular background. And painting was the maximum information for the faithful. The exhibition, which has its epicenter Spoleto (Perugia, Umbria), actually “spreads” in three other towns in the area, along the Apennines, in fact, to retrace a very interesting fil-rouge. All within a few km and easily reachable from Assisi. Masterpieces of the fourteenth century. The Giotto, Spoleto and the Appennino shipyard, which will remain open until September 30th 2018, will be in Trevi at the “San Francesco Art Collection”, in Spoleto at the “Diocesan Museum – Basilica of Sant’Eufemia” and at the “Museo Nazionale del Ducato”, in Montefalco at the “Museum Complex of San Francesco”. From the “Spazio Arte Valcasana” of Scheggino the territorial itineraries will start and it will be possible to have complete documentation. The exhibition concept is all by Vittoria Garibaldi and Alessandro Delpriori, and includes the exhibition of over sixty works, including extraordinary gold funds and sculptures of the early fourteenth century, coming from prestigious national and international collections in four exhibition venues. The Region, the Polo Museale dell’Umbria, the Archeology Superintendence, Fine Arts and Landscape, the Archdiocese of Spoleto-Norcia, the Municipalities of Trevi, Montefalco, Spoleto and Scheggino, the Rocca Albornoziana Association of Spoleto, participate in the realization.

Dal 24 Giugno 2018 al 04 Novembre 2018