We would like to share with you an aspect of Umbria perhaps not very well known but very interesting: the Parks. Thanks to the Umbria Region and the publication of an informative text we suggest a small excursion of the most beautiful parks in Umbria, not only the landscapes but also the nature and animals that populate them, a fundamental heritage for our territory made even more special by biodiversity that can be found and safeguarded and protected.

Let’s start with  TRASIMENO LAKE

Lake Trasimeno is the 4th largest lake in Italy, and hosts innumerable species of fish and animals as well as plants, in its ecosystem there are rare flowers and plants to protect, which make Trasimeno one of the the most important wetlands in our country.

Vegetation: the vegetation is largely composed of the marsh, it can reach 4 meters high, it has large leaves and laminar and on top of the stem a brown-purple cob. Numerous birds such as cannaiola and cannareccione inhabit it, such as amphibians, fish and some small mammals. In the ecosystem of the lake there are also some rare plants such as: frog bite, carice, rushes, aquatic orchid, swamp gull and fish herb.

Fish: at present the lake houses about 18 species of fish, including 5 locals: pike, chamois, tinca, scardole and eel.

Curiosity: The Three Islands. The lake embraces three islands. The Polvese is the largest, almost 70 hectare, and is a science-educational park, and inside it is a large olive grove and the ancient lily of San Leonardo. The Isle Major is large 24 hectares, is covered by a Mediterranean scrub. The Minore Island of only 5 hectares, is covered with pines and leeks and hosts a colony of cormorants.