From 14-24 June 2018, the Gaite Market returns to Bevagna, one of the most important and important events held in Umbria.

The aim of the event is to recreate the daily life of the inhabitants of Bevagna in the medieval period between 1250 and 1350 as faithfully and with the utmost historical accuracy. They are rebuilt the old medieval shops that demonstrate the development of the activities of the past , the streets and the entire population contribute to recreate the historical period by re-proposing ancient crafts, but also games and food. The trades that can be found in the ancient village of Bevagna during this period are: the art of the bricklaying, processing and production of hemp, the potter and the blacksmith, the processing of wax, glass and parchment paper, the coinage of coins and much more.

The name Gaite recalls the 4 districts in which the town that derives from the 4 churches of Bevagna was subdivided. The program of the event is full of events every night the taverns open their doors to offer visitors dishes of medieval Umbrian origin, reproposed for the occasion and every evening among the gaite will take place challenges and contests with contests, games like the race of the market, the competition of the trades, the gastronomic competition and the archery contest. The last day the winner of the Palio is decreed.