The Nera Park

The Nera Regional Park is a river park that runs for 20 kilometers, embracing about 2460 acres within the Valnerina, comprising two rivers Velino and Black, Lake Piediluco and of course the Marmore Falls. The encounter of these waters creates in this place a habitat rich in biodiversity, the Northe River ecosystem is in fact one of the best preserved in Central Italy. The Marmore Falls, about 165 meters high, is man’s work, joins the two Nera and Velino rivers and is a meeting point for high environmental natural corridors. In the park, in some areas, you can do rafting or cross the rivers with kayak or inflatable boats.

Vegetation: the white willow and white poplars, black poplars of cypress, are rare in the forests surrounding the park’s waters, and in the harshest areas the lichen forms a thick spot. Do not forget the presence of exquisite truffles, especially the black ones and of fine mushrooms.

Animals: In the waters of these rivers, rare fish such as fari trout and shrimp river, eel, appennine ululon, amphibious, and salamander with glasses can be found. In the sky, instead of raccoon like the whitish, the lantern and the real eagle.

Curiosity: Aleppo Pine in the Black Park is a Mediterranean species usually present in warm, arid coastal regions. the reason why we can find him in this park is because some Syrian monks who escaped from Rome retreated to Valnerina carrying seeds and plants of this pine, from which they obtained resin for medical care. The pine then soon settled in this area of ​​the park, being very adaptable, and over time created a thick undergrowth of shrubs.